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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  July 12, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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commonwealth edison crews are working hard to get electricity back on for hundreds of thousands of chicago homes and businesses ... good afternoon i am steve sanders. and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching a ceramic country on wgn america and on the web. commonwealth edison crews have restored service to many customers but many and others are still waiting to get their power back. >>the north region is still a hardest-hit with over 200,000
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adages three entered 58,000 homes and businesses are still without power across the chicago area 75,000 outages are reported in the western region 29,000 in the south and 53,000 in the city of chicago. >>monica schneider is live at kill some park with a reportgilson park with a live repot some people did get lucky here they got some power but many did not looking and downtown wilmettte says it all that looks like a ghost town at the moment in this northern suburb it will continue to look this way until commonwealth edison can get electricity restored sadly nothing can restore this 265
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year-old bicentennial ash tree one of the oldest such trees in the entire state of illinois in was a proud local landmark here is a picture of what it used to look like courtesy of the village president the village has done a lot to treat it and save it over the last few years they kept alive through by the infestations and all kinds of things but mother nature ultimately took the tree down ... we are joined now by the village president ... >>we were shocked that it survived all these years and came down in yesterday's storm >>history predates the history of this country where the founding of this country.
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>>we have lost ash trays and the past we repurchase them for baseball bats for our little league ... we believe henry purposinge re-rurposing keeps this heritage tree alive ... 40 percent of the village is now out we won't have our meeting tonight in the village hall we will move it to the fire station we are in contact with commonwealth edison we hope to get more crews out here to get power restored as quickly as possible ... my lines are underground song i am lucky at home we are sharing the pain of
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our computers and our phones are down residents can't get to us they are dropping by my house and flagging down on the street for assistance ... >>another area still cleaning up from the storm as the far north suburb of waukegan where randi bellisomo has a live report ... >>these residents are growing weary getting hit hard by storms three weeks in a row many homes are without power they are taking refuge at a middle school here ... winds of 75 mi. per hour left a lot of inconvenience and its wake for the neighbors ... there is no air conditioning at the school where toiletries and meals are provided ...
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summer school class this have been canceled 100 residents of a three story apartment complex at golf road and pine street had to evacuate yesterday as the roof blew off of two buildings there there was no sign of serious injury but someone having trouble breathing was taken away from the scene an ambulance ... >>residents are here because they have no choice ... >>the mayor of waukegan says that the city would be lucky to have power restored by thursday ... police in lake forest looking
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for three men who tied up a house sitter and stole jewelry and electronics over the weekend it happened early saturday morning and went to block police say that is when house sitter woke up to find a masked man standing over her. they tied her ankles and wrists together they put duct tape on her mouth and then ransacked the home the woman was a will to free herself after the man left but they had guns ... >>the 911 tapes have been released in the fourth of july 8th fight on in an indiana beach that left a teenager dead ... >>he is not conscious at all witnesses say that 17 year-old kevin kennelly was drinking with friends at the beach when a fight broke out. the mount senior was trying to stop the fight from getting worse when 19 year-old james malecek took a swing and kevin kennelly got away ... >>she was underage and nobody wanted to call police
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>>witnesses similar check was defending his your sister after a heated exchange of words mallet check is charged with aggravated battery and involuntary manslaughter and is out on bond ... authorities will reveal their evidence today against a man is accused of killing a sycamore grow for 54 years ago. jack daniel mccullough is accused of killing seven year-old maria ridolph in 1957 mccullough has claimed that he has an ironclad alibi the tribune reports mccullough said he could not committed the murder because he was in chicago that day for military exam but investigators say that evidence to challenge that jack daniel mccullough is being held at a jail in seattle on to remind dollars bail. >>a former employee for the town of cicero testifies in a trout as the town president sinuous once threatened until lying. larry dominick is accused of firing merced rojas from his job
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as a handy man because he's hispanic and didn't support dominic. yesterday jose alejandro arista said a top aide to dominick pressured him to make up a story about ross arista claimed he was told to create evidence that would make it look like rojas did a plumbing job on this side while he was on the clock for the town ... >>the numbers are in for this year's taste of chicago and they are not good. the 59 restaurants that participated may justify mind dollars. that's 20 percent less from last year's attendance also dropped 11%. critics blame the city's decision to close earlier and cancel a fireworks this year they also say making the food festival more family friendly was a mistake mayor emanuel said that the city will work to improve the case next yeartaste next year..
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death of afghan president hamid karzai is half brother ... i have met cars i was killed during a gathering at his home in canada are today a spokesman says the guard shot him in the head and chest taliban extremists said guard was working for them. ahmed wali karzai was the provincial council chief of the canada our province before returning to his homeland and lived in chicago and under restaurant near wrigley field there's been no word on a motive for his murder ... pakistan security forces are holding a doctor suspected of helping the cia collected dna samples from people lived in the
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osama bin laden compound a u.s. special forces killed osama bin laden at the compound in pakistan on may 2nd pakistan and u.s. officials say that while gathering intelligence for the raid the cia recruited dr. to run a vaccination program to get dna evidence from the bin laden's family and nurse working for the doctor was able to get inside the compound under the guise of offering free vaccines for sources say it does appear in the operation was successful ... >>russian divers have found a chamber where dozens of children are believed to be trapped when a river cruise ship sank with over 200 people on board. at least 79 people were rescued after the burgaria cruise ship capsized and sank, volga river sunday at least 86 others are confirmed dead the russian prosecutor's office as the boat did not have a license to transport passengers it overloaded and was last repaired more than 30 years ago ... >>wikileaks editor in chief julian assange appeared in the
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london courtroom this morning to begin his appeal against extradition to sweden julian assange is being questioned on sexual misconduct allegations separate incidents that happened last august the case is unrelated to wikileaks web site which leaks secret documents the governments and other things he says the accusations are just attempt to smear his reputation julian assange as court hearing is expected to wrap up tomorrow but the decision may not be made public for days or weeks ... the rev. jesse jackson is surging the players at tonight's major league baseball all-star game in phoenix arizona to speak out against the state's immigration law and state law requires police to ask people if they are u.s. citizens if they suspect there illegal immigrants but major portions of the slots are now blocked several latino players are participating in the game even though last year some said they would boycott over that law some people protested against the law at the home-run derby yesterday a civil rights to possess king fans players and
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coaches to wear white ribbons in solidarity against the law ... >>only a few hours after memorial for the fan fell 20 ft. to his death during a catch a ball at the texas rangers get another fan was saved by friends and family during the home-run derby at chase field in arizona keith carmickle was standing on a table trying to snag a prince fielder home run when he lost his balance and fell of the airfield railing beckley carmichael's friend and brother grabbed his arm and leg and were able to pull him up that same game another fan did fall but he found a little softer landing adrian gonzales drove the ball to the outfield pole where derby fan mike mown caught it as he fell keeping his glove and beer above water ... >>and memorial service will be held today for former first lady betty ford who died last friday at the age of 93. the memorial service for mrs. ford will take place this afternoon at st. margaret's episcopal church and pawn desert calif. it's a place
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where former president gerald ford was remembered after his death in 2006 former president bill clinton and george w. bush and former first ladies rosalynn carter hillary clinton and nancy reagan ... we will have the day's top business stories coming up next and how to make pizza crust in today's lunch break will be
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before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. make today the day you talk to your rheumatologist. and ask how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. i'm angie lau for bloomberg news ... right now on wall street we're seeing fluctuating markets mostly in the green this morning but now dipping back
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into the red as investors' concern over european debt crisis issues ... here at home we have lesser pricing report on the trade deficit ... there has been a surge in crude oil imports ... this exceeded expectations from wall street economist and has improved the u.s. trade deficit that was a surprising commerce report released today ... news corp. rupert murdoch and son james and rebecca brooks were summoned before lawmakers in the u.k. to answer questions about the media
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organization paying off policeman for information and sources ... cisco systems may cut as much as 10,000 jobs that would be 14% of its work force it hopes to revive profit growth and save a billion dollars in the effort to turn around the company ... the subprimal mortgage mess heard from a world leading to the financial crisis we are still trying to emerge and recover from ... the u.s. claims deutsche bank and its mortgage i
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t subsidiary are responsible and had a hand in hand this sub prime mass ... the bank is defending its position ... >>researchers at the federal reserve bank of san francisco said that this sub prime mortgage problem has cost united states citizens over $7,000 per person or hundred $75 a month ... children's social security numbers and the clean credit records that go with them have become a new target for scammers karen and haifa... current-has
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some tips for parents ... be on the lookout for big warning signs: any adult oriented mail addressed to your child including solicitations of the telephone or debt collection is the red flag for a stammercammer.. think carefully about giving out your child's social security number be sure you feel comfortable with the answer you get when asked why it needs to be exchanged ... the federal trade commission is holding a forum this week on ways to keep children's financial futures safe.
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>>union members take to the picket lines in response to a decision by governor quinn that story is coming up next and later in the medical watch what the true danger of salt in a person's diet may be dependent on their levels of potassium and their music enter winds up roots rock country and jazz and blues live music this midday from the portland a quartet sallie ford and the sound outside ...
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the chicago sun-times reports hundreds of city employees are racking up thousands of dollars in overtime pay. about 46 to workers who earn more than $10,000 in overtime, through the
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first four months of the year. one streets and sanitation engineer alone and of a $37,000 right now the city workers receive double time for overtime mayor emanuel wants to change that and other liberals in order to avoid 625 layoffs mayor emanuel once union leaders to agree on the changes by friday ... >>unionized state workers are picketing across illinois today air bridge server governor quinn is decision to cancel their raises ... bob jordan as a live at damon and taylor with more ... >>the afscme contract has been broken ... and the governor says the union should be directing its ire at springfield because of a lack of allocation of funding ... this is one of
12:26 pm
the 75 facilities around the state where afscme workers are walking the picket line protesting what they called the governor's broken promise ... but governor quinn was that a bill signing this morning at the world's finest chocolate company on self archer avenue he signed a bill that would relax the red tape that companies face trying to meet epa standards when he was asked about that afscme afscme dispute he said that the legislature gave no choice ... >>my number one objective is to ensure the safety and health and the jobs in the education of the people of illinois and getting through a whole fiscal year and a tough budget. with enough money to pay salaries for all of the workers if raises have to be deferred i have no choice ...
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>>the union claims they have deferred pay raises and given up those furlough days in trying to assist in the budget process with the governor ... the planned to issue a lawsuit against the governor and the state of illinois over this pay freeze that affects lots of workers around the state belonging to afscme ... >>we're getting a break from heat and humidity today tom skilling will tell us how long that' [ male announcer ] we asked real people if they'd help us with an experiment for febreze fabric refresher; they agreed. [ experimenter 1 ] relax take some nice deep breaths. [ experimenter 2 ] what do you smell? lilac. clean. there's something that's really fresh.
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what a difference a day makes ... it is a lovely day in chicago. we will have a northeast wind coming down the length of lake michigan and there is no better way to air-conditioned chicago then thatan that... ... there are people city without electricity with damage from the storms throughout the area yesterday it was the 1,400 mi. storm that spanned 30 hours ... it started
12:31 pm
sunday afternoon and reached our city yesterday and by 8:00 last night it hit our nation's capital with lots of damage in its wake ... i am focused here on this hot dome ... this cluster went to washington d.c. and as robin around mass of hot air dome hanging oveis hanging around this hot air mass.. it has all of these states under heated by serious at this point well over 100 degrees advisories , we have that
12:32 pm
dangerous the situation downstate the index is about 120 degrees ... looking at our current temperatures little rock oklahoma city st. louis on 990 degree areaall in the high 90 degree range.. the wind is coming around from the northeast coal in the beach temperatures we have a more comfortable ms with us that will stay until thursdaair mass with us that will
12:33 pm
stay until thursauday... we have north woods cool air coming and that will be lovely for the temperatures.. from highland park to east chicago it's in the '70s and joliet and kankakee are pushing 90 degrees it's quite arrange around the state range of temperatures
12:34 pm
around the region ... this is the latest wave of storms rotating around this hot air mass ... we may produce a couple of showers may be some thunder and lightning tonight but behind that we have clear settle in and for tomorrow air set to settle in foprr tomorrow.. severe weather ran all the way from nebraska 1,400 mi. east to
12:35 pm
the nation's capital. the forecast is for that jet stream to keep producing waves of thunderstorms we will get a minor affair tonight and then thursday night into friday may bring heavier rain it may linger into saturday before that he comes and again. eat comes back again.. sunshine gives way to increasing clouds less humidity today ...
12:36 pm
70 degrees near the beaches tonight cloudy several scattered showers some thundershowers ... a beautiful day for tomorrow sunny breezy cooler less human mid.. the high temperature will be 74 here in chicago. it will stay this way until thursday. still have lots of people without electricity from epic storm astor day yesterday.. waukegan is reeling and there was a tornado
12:37 pm
through the harbor area we will see you later.. time for today's trivia question: which comedian born on this date in 1908 was known as mr. television? jack benny milton berle or george burns the answer will be ahead at noon.. this friday who wants to be a millionaire is holding auditions at arlington park racetrack 50 want to get to the front of the line we have special tickets for those 18 and
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time for sports ... it's all star game time and konerko clinton and castro are there and cubs manager mike quade 2 though he and starlin castro got there
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late yesterday as their flight from pittsburgh was delayed this sox carlos quentin likes to think those who are no-shows' for the game have a good reason for it ... there are great players in this room anyway there's nothing negative about not being here ... that's your look at sports let's go to the live drawing for the illinois lottery ... >>good afternoon i am genet rivera with the winning numbers for tuesday july 12, 2011. the first game as the pick three the winning numbers are: 3 9 9
12:41 pm
moving onto the pick four... the winning numbers are: 4 1 4 9 journalists tonight for mega millions that jackpot is $24 million ...
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on the medical watch hold assault another take on the risk posed by too much salt. researchers from the centers for disease control and prevention say eating too much salt and too little potassium can increase the risk of death. the cdc team followed more than 12,000 people over 15 years ... the report those who have a high salt intake and a low potassium and take what most of risk of death from heart disease and stroke. the study appears in the archives of internal medicine ... low density lipoprotein or ldl is known as bad cholesterol now british researchers have discovered a new form of ultra- bad ldl and people with high risk for heart disease the cholesterol is super sticky making it more likely to attach to artery walls and form fatty
12:45 pm
plaques that can lead to heart attacks and strokes the researchers said the study results also shed light on how common type 2 diabetes drug metformin by heart disease by blocking the transformation of normal ldl into super sticky ldl ... >>1 mother is on a crusade to expose dirty and unsafe play areas and fast-food restaurants in developmental psychologist for mayors son of mr. and by tribune reporter on a tour of plants but they found a sticky surfaces filmy windows broken equipment and food morsels and every compartment erin carr- jordan says some fast-food companies will reveal their cleaning protocols of representatives of burger king check the cheese and mcdonald's and other told her that they don't have any such protocols or have not responded to her mcdonald's spokespeople still the tribune that they would have a cleaning policy but they can prevail athave a cleaning policy but
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they cannot reveal it to the public ...
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today i am making a healthy pizza called the popeye ... but first we have to make the crust ... i am mixing the ingredients salt olive oil semolina flour cold water ... we have a 60 court mixing bowl at our restaurants to.. we have scaled-back this recipe for the home viewer ... we let
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the dough rest overnight ... if you do not have a dope roller at home to get that nice encrustthis ny style crust.. just do your best to stretch it gravity will do the rest ...
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you want to remove all air pockets. you do not want your pizza to bubble over and the onin the oven.. now we are using 2 c. of my pizza sauce we have secret ingredients and we don't use sugar and we do sell letit.. began from the center of the pie and work your way around and a circular motion keep some space at the rim ... leave one
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half inch from the rim ... this is fun to make when you have kids ... we place fresh chopped tomato i am using to cops2 cups, and a fresh garlic ... big chunks.
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out there with a better way. now, that's progressive. and now the answer to today's trivia question: which comedian, born on this date in 1908 was known as mr. television? the answer is milton berle ... and now we have tom skilling ... >>what a reprieve from a storm in as of yesterday we had a lovely day going here in chicago ... we're going to get incredibly cool air in tomorrow after some thunderstorms passing through this evening ... the
12:57 pm
wind will turn northeast and that will really be calling us offooling us off.. we will have a wind blowing the whole span of the lake front tomorrow and that's like one big natural air- conditioner for the city ... but we do have some real heat building up for the weekend after thursday. look what happens to the temperatures between now and 7:00 p.m. temperatures will begin to fall we will be down to the mid-60s and will only rise to the low 70's tomorrow it will be the first day in 18 that we do not have a degree temperatures here in chicago but the 88 degree
12:58 pm
temperatures will be back for the weekend friday ... next week will be hot and humid ... i will have an update tonight at 5 and again at 9 ... thank you tom and thank you everyone for joining us today we hope you have a great afternoon where believe you with sallie ford... we will leave you with sallie ford and the outside sound.. you can see them tonight at lincoln hall in chicago ...
12:59 pm
sallie ford and the outside bannednd.


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